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Verisurf Company Milestones

Verisurf software offers advanced tools and capabilities for a wide range of applications. From tool building to periodic and automated inspection, users excel throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  • Tool Building

    Tool BuildingVerisurf is the global leader in tool building software. Our state-of-the-art system complete with the Virtual Gage literally guides you through the tool building process in real-time using simple to understand graphic feedback. Built on a robust CAD/CAM engine, manufacturers can read CAD files on multiple levels for large assemblies, turning on and off details at will. With Verisurf, you seamlessly reduce the tool building process from months to mere weeks.

  • Tool Periodic Inspection

    Tool Periodic InspectionConduct periodic inspection of your tooling without error and at the same time, with greater efficiency and process control. As more and more companies are required to regularly inspect numerous tools to meet government and independent audit requirements, most find that automating the process creates efficiencies without sacrificing accuracy. Verisurf fulfills these demanding requirements by automatically checking key points while directing the operator through a controlled, repeatable process.

  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control

    Quality Assurance / Quality ControlManufacturing operations must verify that processes and machined parts meet specifications and quality standards. Fulfilling these needs with Model Based Definition (MBD), Verisurf's unparalleled software ensures Quality Assurance during product development and Quality Control of the final manufactured part. Verisurf also provides a full spectrum of documentation and reporting capabilities for enhanced efficiency throughout the entire product lifecycle. With Verisurf, you eliminate the backup in Quality Control and complete inspections in minutes, instead of hours or even days.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse EngineeringVerisurf Reverse is an advanced, powerful software tool used for processing scan data to produce usable 3D manufacturing models. Bringing state-of-the-art technology to the engineering process, Reverse allows users to precisely measure a physical part or artifact to produce a digital 3D model. Developed on a robust CAD/CAM platform, the premier solution offers advanced point cloud and meshing tools for translating the measured part to CAD geometry.

  • Automated Inspection

    Reverse EngineeringTo reduce costs and time required for inspection and enhance process control, Verisurf allows the implementation of automated inspection routines. Users simply create a model-based inspection plan that subsequently prompts inspectors or even non-QA personnel through the entire process. This advanced capability means quality control engineers can develop the foundation plan for entry-level inspectors to run at anytime, leading them through the process step by step. Once inspection is complete, an easy to read report is generated. With Verisurf, manufacturers resourcefully increase productivity while minimizing personnel and training requirements.

  • Laser Projection

    Reverse EngineeringVerisurf Laser Projection offers the fastest and easiest means for creating laser projection programs. It even allows live programming on the projectors, making setup and design changes significantly more efficient. After loading the nominal CAD model from any CAD design program, manufacturers can easily select geometry to quickly create paths for Laser Projectors. With Verisurf Laser Projection, you have an edge on all of the other solutions used in the industry today.