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Verisurf is the software of choice for measurement, inspection and reverse engineering in industrial applications. From aerospace and automotive to energy and heavy equipment, you can find our software at work day-in and day-out, making a difference in efficiency and quality applications.

  • Aerospace
    AerospaceVerisurf has deep roots in the aerospace industry. In fact, we developed the first version of our model-based inspection software specifically for use in meeting the industry’s strict requirements in parts inspection, tool building and quality control. Today, clients such as the Boeing Company use Verisurf software to routinely inspect tooling and parts on the award-winning Boeing 777, the first jetliner to be designed on a computer without a blueprint. Also, Boeing 787 suppliers run 100 percent model-based inspection plans using our highly reliable systems.

    Other clients Verisurf serves in the aerospace industry include Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Airbus, as well as many other prime contractors and sub-tier suppliers. Notably, 90 percent of all aerospace tooling companies use our software for precision tooling.
  • Automotive
    AutomotiveManufacturing operations in the automotive industry primarily use Verisurf software for precision tooling design, development, manufacturing and routine inspection. Providing powerful model-based solutions for clients such as General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, Freightliner, Mack Trucks and others, our solutions also enable automotive machine shops to reverse engineer machined parts to CAD models while quickly – yet uncompromisingly – conducting parts inspection.
  • Heavy Equipment
    Heavy EquipmentVerisurf helps heavy equipment manufacturers inspect large parts based on models imported from any 3D computer-aided design system. For instance, the 80-year-old construction and mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar relies on our software to work with Pro-E files for fast, efficient model-based parts inspection. Using portable measuring arms, laser trackers and other devices, simple and thorough inspection saves manufacturers significant time while improving quality.
  • Marine / Defense
    MarineVerisurf chiefly provides large parts inspection for manufacturing companies in the marine industry, enabling them to easily work with any wireframe, surface or solid models. Manufacturers also use the software suite’s 3D laser projection capabilities for precision soft tooling. After defining where laser beams are to appear on the part, operators use them as a guide during the manufacturing process. For example, boat builders use laser projection and Verisurf software to efficiently and repeatedly position structural hull components such as box beams, stringers and bulkheads. Others use Verisurf for reverse engineering as-built or as-tooled hull shapes, in considerably less time and with less effort than ever before.
  • Energy
    EnergyVerisurf facilitates large parts inspection for energy companies like Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the largest utility providers in the world. Our software also allows oil refineries and other petroleum operations to easily measure large, complex parts using portable measuring devices. For wind turbine manufacturers, Verisurf expedites the inspection of blades to meet strict tolerances. Our model-based software, for example, enables General Electric Energy to routinely inspect blades prior to assembly.
  • Medical
    Medical For Verisurf software, it is not always about a manufactured part or process. Our software is at work today in the medical industry, contributing precise reverse engineering and measurements for applications as diverse as limb prostheses creation and burn reconstruction. Users implement Verisurf technology to scan limbs, convert the scan data into a 3D model and then custom develop a prosthetic based on the model. In addition, our capability to provide measurement and inspection of small, precise, complex-shaped parts is critical to new techniques in research, development and treatment for all types of medical applications. Manufacturers have used our model-based software to create model tumors for precise pre-surgical detail.
  • Space
    Reverse Engineering Manufacturers in the space industry use Verisurf to inspect and build satellites and antennas, as well as parts for space vehicles. Requiring revolutionary capabilities, Boeing Space, JPL, Space X, Scaled Composites and various other spacecraft manufacturers use our model-based software for precision tooling.