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Verisurf Company Milestones

Verisurf was founded on solid technical objectives and actual industry experience. Since our inception, we have continually advanced our model-based solutions in response to real customer needs.

Verisurf continually advances and refines products based on field customer needs.
Verisurf moves into its new Building and created our new logo tagline "3D Measurement Solutions" Release X6 our true 64 bit system with many enhancement.
Verisurf partners with Mastercam Resellers worldwide to deliver Master3DGage, an affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection solution that enables machine shops to significantly increase production and improve part quality. The complete hardware/software solution automates the 3D inspection process and quickly verifies manufactured parts directly to 3D CAD models.
Verisurf introduces Verisurf X, its next-generation version with the ability to efficiently handle massive point clouds, making it the true common platform for all devices and applications.
Verisurf introduces Model Based Definition (MBD) software for tolerancing models and eliminating blueprints. Boeing adopts MBD as a standard for the 787 program.
Laser Projection Technologies, Inc. (LPT) selects Verisurf as its exclusive worldwide partner. Verisurf launches Laser Projection for carbon-fiber ply lay-up and other industries.
Verisurf introduces Verisurf V5, the first integrated inspection system based on the CATIA V5 platform.
Verisurf enters the automation market with AutoInspect for portable and fixed CMMs.
Sauder, a major wood furniture manufacturer, adopts Verisurf technology for automated inspection plans of more than 3,000 different parts. Verisurf virtually eliminates scrap from dimensional errors and completely redefines production quality control.
Verisurf introduces AutoAlign, an advanced tool to automatically align measuring devices and complex parts to the nominal CAD model eliminating historic tooling costs and simplifying inspection and tool building.
Verisurf Software incorporates, formally launching the company that will pioneer model-based inspection.
Boeing begins to standardize numerous sites on Verisurf as its common inspection platform for laser trackers, tool building and other applications.
Verisurf introduces real-time analysis with Build The Virtual Gage, for live computer-aided inspection and tool building.
Verisurf introduces Measure and Reverse products to work with all portable measuring devices. Interfaced with Leica Tracker, Romer Arm and SMX tracker.
Verisurf creates its first measureing device interface with a Faro Arm and makes it first international sale.
Verisurf introduces its Analysis product to compare measurement data to nominal CAD models.  Verisurf completes it's first sale.
Verisurf development begins, Tri-Tech enters into a OEM business partnership with CNC software, allowing us to tightly integrate our programs together.
Verisurf's parent company, Tri-Tech Precision, Inc., is formed to address the aerospace industry's need for machining and manufacturing complex, precision parts.